A story about a desk and a computer

This story is dedicated to Ben.

For readers who don’t like fantasy or have a hard time identifying hidden messages in fantasy stories, names (and pretty much everything else) are as obvious descriptors and metaphors as possible.


Once upon a time, in a world ruled by dragons and dwarves, there was a little girl. This girl was called Ainotna. She looked really similar to her parents and knew a great deal about pigs and nepotism.

It so happened that one day Ainotna had arranged to meet the greatest fairy of all, Inspiratia, on the top of a mountain (that looked a bit like a common desk with a computer on it). To be more precise, they had not really arranged to meet there but Ainotna really needed Inspiratia’s help to write a magic spell that was going to change everybody’s life - she had planned to distribute that spell by the means of invisible connection between humans, magicians and other creatures - and knowing as much as she did about how things usually work in such stories, she went to the highest top of the highest mountain expecting the highest fairy of all to magically appear there.

However, things don’t always work as they usually work in such stories, because one beautiful thing about such stories is that they don’t have to stick to any rules. So as it turned out, things in this particular story happened in a slightly different way than they would have happened if the happenings would have been repeated 100 times and the average happening would have been chosen. In other words, Inspiratia didn’t show up. She didn’t even send a thunderstorm or ice-cream-rain. Nothing.

This is why, up to this day, Ainotna is still sitting on the top of that mountain (because that’s how stories end if they don’t end how they usually end). And during the night, if you look at the stars and squint a little you might make out a constellation of stars that looks a little bit like a desk and a computer. (It’s right next to the constellation that looks a bit like a great bear.) If you see it and make a wish and that wish happens to be wishing for some inspiration, you might be lucky and it will actually appear – because after all it’s highly unlikely that unlikely things happen more than once.

Learning from the mirror